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With the coming of spring comes an increased focus on your air conditioning system, and if yours has been in service for a while, the question becomes whether it can handle another Gastonia, NC summer without problems. With proper care, an older centralized system can last for many years beyond the expiration of its warranty, and even if it doesn’t, you may be confident that your system is ready to go. But if it isn’t, then now is the time to ascertain that and plan for a replacement session with a trained technician. Doing so ensures that you have the time to plan the operation at leisure and that the new unit will be ready to go when the hot weather begins in earnest.

Before that happens, however, you need to decide if your old cooling system is ready to handle another summer or not. That usually boils down to two basic components: age and cost. The first plays a large role in determining the second.


All air conditioners and similar cooling systems come with a warranty, which dictates how long the system’s components are covered. As long as the warranty is in effect, you should consider repairing a damaged cooling system rather than replacing it. If it has expired, however, and the costs entailed in keeping the system running are more than you think it’s worth, then replacement may be the best option for you.


Cost tends to mean one of two things. Either the system is costing more for your to run month to month than your budget is prepared to handle, or your system has suffered a breakdown that costs more than you’re willing to pay. That could mean one single repair job that you feel is too expensive, or it could mean multiple repair jobs (usually more than two) in a single twelve-month period.

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