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Most homes in the Gastonia, NC area rely on centralized air conditioning systems to keep cool during the heat of summer. They cool the air in a single location (usually through the use of refrigerant), then blow the air into your home using a series of ducts. The system is inexpensive and does the job quite well, but it’s not right for every home.

Ductless air conditioning systems often make an attractive alternative to the traditional duct models, providing the same comprehensive cooling power for your home without having to rely on ducts to do it. How does it work, and what kind of homes benefit the most from it? Read on for the answers.


Ductless systems utilize a number of smaller units to cool your home instead of one big one. The units are spaced in different locations in the home, each one charged with cooling a single room or section. Each unit can be operated independently of the others, allowing you to raise or lower the temperature in different sections individually.

The obvious benefit of such an approach — beside removing the need for ducts — is the ability to tailor the temperature in each room to suit the tastes of different occupants. It also allows you to shut off the air conditioning in parts of the home that don’t see use during the day, while keeping it running in occupied parts of the home. That can save you a huge amount in monthly energy bills, as well as lowering wear and tear in the system.


Depending on your energy use, any home can benefit from ductless systems. More specifically, larger homes tend to do well with them, especially thought that struggle to cool the space adequately. They also work well for large families who tend to fight over the thermostat settings, and for hospices or boarding homes where individual residents require their own heating and cooling system.

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